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- The All Kings Pasta -

It was Queen Catherine de Medici, of Italian origin an
illustrious historical figure of the
All Kings

who brought pasta to the king’s table for the first time in 1553.

The All Kings testifies to this, upheaval in French gastronomy.

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The Medici 15€

(classic or spicy)

Artisanal Linguine pasta,

fresh tomato sauce with garlic,

basil, extra virgin olive oil

The Ragazza 19€

Artisanal Spaghettini pasta,

fine cream of matured parmesan,

garlic, chorizo from León

The Brandy 17€

in the Wheel of Parmesan

Long artisanal Ribbon pasta,

cooked in the wheel of parmesan
cheese and flambéed with Brandy, pink pepper

The Forest 19€

(classic or spicy)

Artisanal Linguine pasta,

an anthology of melting vegetables from the
Chef, grilled and marinated 48 hours, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

The Mont-Blanc  21€

Artisanal Rigatoni pasta,

with 3 cheeses melted in mountain,

white wine, black pepper

The White of Castille 19€

Artisanal Linguine pasta,

creamy Puglia burrata, sublime ultra-fresh
homemade basil pesto, pecorino,

and extra virgin olive oil

Old Fashioned Carbonara  21€

Artisanal Linguine pasta,

peppery Tuscan guanciale, large fresh egg,

pecorino, ground pepper -
“The best Carbonara in Paris” according to Salvatore Esposito, the cult actor of the Gomorra series

Master Kobayashi  21€

Artisanal Casarecce pasta,

flame-braised chicken, sauce creamy
Japanese caramelized sauce,

sweet soybeans, chives

The Justice  21€

Artisanal Rigatoni pasta,

mountain cream, mustard and cheese
fondue from the Alps, chorizo from León

The Valhalla  21€

Large artisanal pasta,

Nordic vodka, fresh Nordic salmon,

rosé cream sauce, chives

The Marie-Antoinette  21€

Artisanal Rigatoni pasta,

Calabrian Nduja (tender and spicy meat,

specialty from the invasion of the Norman knights

in the year 1000) marinated in creamy gorgonzola

The Cattolica  23€

Homemade Spaghettini pasta,

pistachio granola, basil, parmesan, garlic,

emulsion,sweet orange cherry tomatoes,

stracciatella (melting heart of Burrata)

The Royal Cep  23€

Long artisanal Ribbon pasta,

large ceps, fresh mushrooms,

sublime homemade emulsion, garlic, butter, herbs, extra virgin olive oil

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The Saint-James  23€

Pan-fried gnocchi, peppery bacon,

Saint-Nectaire cheese emulsion,

from Monts Dore, chives

The Royal Truffle  23€

Long artisanal Ribbon pasta,

sublime emulsion with fresh truffles

Bolognese pasta  25€

with red wine Saint-Emilion

Marinated 15 hours. Artisanal Spaghetti,

ground beef, pancetta, garlic, Saint
Émilion red wine, onions, carrots, celery, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil

The Medieval Stew  25€

Large artisanal pasta,

melting and marinated beef,

cheeks 60 hours in Merlot red wine,

onions, vinegar, country bacon

The Corniche  25€

(classic or spicy)

Artisanal Linguine pasta,

clams, white wine emulsion with garlic,

and parsley, extra virgin olive oil

Pan-fried scallops  25€


Artisanal long Ribbon pasta,

And pan-fried large scallops,

with garlic cream and spices