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- Desserts -

All our desserts are homemade!

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Hot chocolate 10€

of kings of France (hot or iced)

The best old fashioned hot chocolate in France, made
from the original recipe of the kings of France under
Louis XV, All Kings whipped cream


Ice Cream Sundae  11€

Intense vanilla ice cream,

drowned in a cup of,

All Kings Royal Hot Chocolate


Giant milkshake 12€

Dense and creamy ice cream,

blended with mountain milk

(flavors: double chocolate, salted butter caramel,

with pieces, intense vanilla)


Royal tiramisu 13€

Airy, fresh and ultra generous,

our legendary homemade Tiramisu


Pistachio Crème Brûlée 13€

Our superb pistachio,

crème brûlée served very cold


Absolute Monarchy 13€

Our homemade profiteroles,

intense and creamy vanilla ice cream,

and dark chocolate fondant


The Young Queen 15€


Double creamy strawberry ice cream,

chunks and fresh strawberry purée,
All Kings whipped cream,

and strawberry coulis


The Black Forest 15€


Double dark chocolate ice cream,

candied cherries in their juice,

hint of kirsch, All Kings whipped cream,

chocolate shavings,

and dark chocolate sauce


The Breton island 15€


Double melting salted butter,

caramel ice cream,

All Kings whipped cream,

and caramel sauce


French toast of the King 15€

(Signature) Unique in France

Our inimitable homemade french toast,

melting under a deluge of salted butter caramel,

topped with a double and intense,

vanilla ice cream

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