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- the 11 Cocktails -
All Kings

All our cocktails are specially made,

and inspired by the history of France

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All Kings

(signature cocktail )

Dark rum, coconut cream, vanilla, fruit
fresh passion fruit, All King cream

House of Habsburg

Elderberry liqueur, Gin,

Ginger Beer, Lime


Super 8

Strawberry puree, French Vodka,

Strawberries, Lemon juice, Hibiscus,

Velay verbena


Cream of Paris

Grand cru Coffee liqueur,



The Sun of Austerlitz

(Napoleon Bonaparte daily cocktail)

Napoleon Cognac with macerated
Mandarins, Special Reserve Amber
Tequila, Ginger Beer, Lime, Salt

The rose of Esery

(Alcohol free)

Strawberry juice, Pineapple juice,
Lime, Cane Sugar, Ginger Beer

Expresso Martini

Vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur

French Spritz

Saint-Germain liqueur,

Prosecco, Perrier

Valhalla Rising

Authentic Viking assembly:

Valhalla Mjød (oldest Viking mead),

legendary Finnish mint Minttu
Everest Peppermint,

Sparkling water, Lime



fresh Strawberry puree


Queen Margot

Chambord liqueur,

strawberry juice, Rosé Gris Blanc,

Bitters Cherry, Basil

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