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- Tasting Alcohols -

Cider, White Martini                                  7€


Jack Daniel’s old 7                                       9€

Classic or Honey


Liqueurs to choice :                                  10€

Baileys, Chocolate Mozart, Mexican Coffee Kahlua,

Saint-Germain, Chambord, Byrrh

Valhalla Mjød                                              11€

The authentic Viking mead created in 731

Exclusive to All kings


Minttu Everest Peppermint                   11€

Legendary Finnish mint, peppermint in pure glacial water

Exclusive to All kings

Special Reserve Tequila, Gin                13€

Vodka Zubrowka, Chartreuse verte    13€

Calvados, Aquavit                                     13€

Cognac Hine 1821                                      15€

Vsop aged in centenary oaks

Old Porto Symington Family                15€

Douro Valley Class A Reserve, Portugal

Vodka Romanov                                         15€

Prestigious and certified Alpha Grade, heiress of,

the last Tsar of Russia


Rhum Santa Teresa 1796                        16€

best rum in the world, born in 1796 in Venezuela,

aged in Bourbon oak barrels

Talisker Port Ruighe                               16€

Single malt from Skye island, peaty and slightly spicy

The Armagnac of Kings of France      18€

Out of age vintage, aged at the Domaine de Lapeyrade

Aberlour 16 years old                             19€

Great scotch from a double maturation in barrels,

of Sherry Oloroso and Bourbon

Knockando 18 years old                        20€

Scotch whiskey aged in Sherry barrels in Speyside,

sherry or chocolate taste

Blanton’s Original                                   25€

Americans’ favorite bourbon and the world’s,

first single barrel (1984)

Tanqueray Ten                                          25€

Best Gin in the world, with fresh citrus fruits,

and fine and powerful aromas.

Hibiki Whiskey                                         25€

from Japan, one of the rarest and most prestigious

whiskey in the world, 1989

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